What do we do?

  • Maintain integrity of DBT by providing standards for essential theoretical and intervention principles. These standards define necessary and sufficient elements which make a treatment DBT.
  • Bridge the science-practice gap with collaboration among clinicians, researchers, consumers and other stakeholders.
  • Build and a strong, informed and connected membership.
  • Stimulate and advocate for the continued advancement of research and practice of DBT.
  • Create and support a community who shares Marsha Linehan`s passion for compassionate and evidence-based behavior therapy/psychotherapy.
  • Foster dissemination and implementation of DBT across the world, especially in underserved areas and populations, while maintaining treatment fidelity.
  • Provide standards for quality training relevant to diverse cultural variations across regions, countries, cultures while maintaining core or essential DBT elements.

Whom do we do it for?

  • Individuals suffering from serious mental health problems; for their families; for at-risk populations; for health care practitioners; for scientists; for other mental health care stakeholders.

How do we do it?

  • By using an expert-driven, transparent, representational, and non-commercial structure.
  • By encouraging innovation and creativity in DBT research and treatment delivery.
  • By providing access to information and resources through website and social media.
  • By establishing a leading international authority on the science, practice and delivery of DBT.
  • By protecting the quality and standards of DBT with guidelines on training and certification of DBT.
  • By organizing and providing annual international meetings.