Dear DBT Researchers,

The new World DBT Association Research Committee invites DBT Researchers to join a DBT Community Research Consultation meeting, in the spirit of the former “DBT Strategic Planning Meeting”. Please share this invitation with your colleagues who may be interested.

The DBT strategic planning meeting is an interactive initiative for DBT researchers. This meeting was established by Marsha Linehan and held (typically annually) for two decades. This year, the SPM will resume in a virtual format. The spirit of the meeting is to help researchers gain skills, knowledge, and confidence. Participants are invited to present research or offer consultation to others, or observe.

We hear many researchers in our DBT community have an urgent desire to connect and consult, so we will be planning a half-day virtual consultation meeting October 19 (N. Hemisphere/ Oct 20 S. Hemisphere) 2pm ET, to be followed by a Spring Meeting (Date TBD), hosted by the new World DBT Association.

In keeping with the spirit of SPM, we want to be inclusive in inviting folks, and abide by the requirements that:
1) Attendees all “have their arse in the breeze (i.e. actually conducting/planning DBT-research)” or are trainees with DBT researchers
2) Submit a summary of their ongoing research OR have items for consultation (unless you are a trainee)
3) commit to SPM agreements (linked in the survey below)
and 3) prepare by filling out a survey

We will (a) circulate a description of everyone’s ongoing projects, (2) have a few BRIEF (e.g., 2-5min) consultation request presentations by attendees, followed by discussion, and (3) breakout groups for more in-depth discussion.

We will contact those researchers who are selected for a consultation presentation to provide a template.

Tentative Format
Overall: We want to focus on sense of community, collaboration, consultation and feedback

15 minMindfulness and orientation
1 hourResearch Consultation Block 1
15 minBreak
1 hourResearch Consultation Block 2
15 minBreak
30 minSmall Group Discussions – organized by topic
30 minSharing out from small groups
15 minWrap up, plan for SPM 2023, ending mindfulness

*Each Research Consultation Block includes 3 Research Consultations, during which each of 3 presenters will have 5min to present their research and consultation question, and 15 minutes to discuss the consultation question. Questions can relate to research at a variety of stages (e.g., proposal, underway project, data interpretation).

Please RSVP here!